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CatzillaSG is a Singapore British Shorthair cattery registered with WCF and regulated by AVS (AVS Licence: AS21K00066). The health of our Catzillas is of utmost importance, we make sure they get fresh water and adequate nutrients at every meal. We also spend a lot of time playing with them to make sure they are energetic and healthy as well.

Beside providing healthy kittens, we have also invested a lot of time and hard work to find a good look for British Shorthair. Our cattery standard for British Shorthair is a round, bony face that sits well on a short, thick neck; the ears are medium in size, wide at the base and rounded at the tips. The eyes must be large, round and well opened. This makes a cute and sweet British Shorthair, we used to call “bear-looking” to describe such appearance. Our British Shorthairs are also affectionate and get along well with people.

The kittens are raised with lots of love, which ensures that they are well adjusted and socialised. We want them to be pampered as much as they are in our cattery and thats why we want potential pawrents to introduce themselves first.

Kittens leave our cattery with microchip, vet checked, house-trained and vaccinated twice against Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus and are dewormed regularly(Internal and External). All our kittens are free from rabies as Singapore is a Rabies-Free country since 1953.

You will also receive a health contract and starter kit to make the kittens’ journey to their new home as smooth as possible. We are happy to keep in touch with all new owners and are happy to help with any questions you may have about our kittens. All our kittens must be sterilised when they turned 6 months old, we will provide the Pedigree Cert after sterilisation.

Acquiring a cat is not a matter of a few months, but a lifelong commitment and great responsibility. The new owners must make an emotional and financial commitment to ensure that the kittens are loved and healthy.

We are willing to place our loving babies in the care of people who can provide them with enough attention, care, and most importantly, lots of LOVE. We sell our kittens only as pets or to like-minded breeders.

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68 Jln Jurong Kechill, #01-15, SG 596180
+65 8743 7068
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AVS License: AS21K00066
Pedigree BSH Color Code: BY,NY,AY,CY 11/12/25/1133
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