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British Shorthair in Singapore

Welcome to Our Feline Haven

Licensed British Shorthair Cattery in Singapore which recognised by WCF. Our pedigree-certified kittens guarantee excellence in every aspect.


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British Shorthair in Singapore

AVS License : AS21K00066/AS23L00050

Founded in 2021

Lifetime Care Support

Especially for the first-time cat owners who may have questions along the way, rest assured that we are here to help. You can contact us anytime, 24/7, for assistance with your kitten(s).

Lifetime Guarantee

Rather than just claiming our kittens are healthy and free from congenital diseases, we back it up with a lifetime replacement guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in their quality.

Complimentary Cat Boarding

We offer a complimentary 50% VIP Discount + free 2 nights cat boarding stay at our hotel while you are overseas. We'll ensure a hygiene, safe and stress-free environment for your Catzilla.

Hi Potential Pawrents!

Welcome to CatzillaSG, a licensed British Shorthair Cattery in Singapore which recognised by World Cat Federation(WCF). If you’re seeking a lifelong companion in a British Shorthair Kitten, you’ve come to the right place! We specialise in offering the most adorable British Shorthair & British Longhair cats, featuring rare colours and irresistibly cuddly bear-like appearances. Our commitment to their well-being is evident in their sweet, friendly, and sociable nature. With a focus on high-quality nutrition, we prioritise their health above all else. Discover our latest available kittens and experience the joy of welcoming a Catzilla into your home—a furry companion that embodies top-tier quality and guarantees a lifetime of love and companionship.

Our Catzillas

Allow us to share a little more about our British Shorthair..

We understand that kittens’ health is a top priority for all catteries in Singapore, but we also believe that a kitten’s appearance and personality are equally important. After all, who can resist the charm of a cute and adorable kitten with a delightful personality?

We take great care to ensure that our kittens not only have excellent health but also possess irresistible looks and endearing personalities. We spend quality time interacting with the kittens, helping them become comfortable around people and nurturing their love for human companionship. We believe that socialisation plays a crucial role in shaping a kitten’s character, and we make it a priority.

When selecting our kittens, we carefully consider their parentage. Our focus is on choosing parents with big, expressive eyes, chubby faces, and exceptional personalities. By selecting kittens from such parents, we ensure that our kittens are at their best. We also believe in transparency and want our customers to feel at ease when making a decision. That’s why we provide photos of the kittens’ mother and father, so you can see the traits they have inherited. Rest assured, there’s no need to worry about your kitten growing up to be anything less than adorable.

Transparency is our core value. We believe in maintaining open and honest communication with our customers. We want you to have confidence in our cattery and the kittens you choose to bring into your home. By showcasing the parents’ photos and offering insights into our breeding practices, we strive to build trust and ensure that you have a delightful and worry-free experience. 

Trusted By Catzilla Pawrents for years

Nothing brings us more joy than witnessing the pure happiness of our customers when they bring home their new British Shorthair kittens. We take great care in ensuring the kitten’s rehoming process is seamless and delightful. 

We have consistently maintained our 5-star service since 2021.

Private Viewing Session

Booking a viewing appointment is crucial as it allows you to personally assess the kitten’s appearance and interact with them. At our cattery, we have made these sessions private to ensure a personalised experience for our potential pawrents. During the session, we take the opportunity to share valuable insights about British Shorthairs, discuss individual kitten behaviours, and provide guidance on the best ways to socialise with them. Our aim is to create a meaningful and informative 1-1 session that helps you make an informed decision and establishes a strong bond with your future feline companion.

What guarantees do we offer?

We provide a health guarantee for our kittens, ensuring they are in good health at the time of sale. They will have received necessary vaccinations and will be free from any known health issues.

We guarantee that all our kittens are genuine pedigree British Shorthair cats, with documented lineage tracing back multiple generations. 

Our kittens come from ethical breeding practices, ensuring the health, well-being, and responsible stewardship of the breed.

We provide a health guarantee for our kittens, ensuring they are in good health at the time of sale. They will have received necessary vaccinations and will be free from any known health issues.

We are committed to providing lifetime support to our clients. We are available to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide assistance throughout the entire lifespan of your kitten.

We guarantee that the photos and descriptions of our kittens accurately represent their appearance and characteristics. We do not use any deceptive practices, such as photoshopping, to misrepresent our kittens.

We guarantee that our kittens are of the highest quality, exhibiting the desirable characteristics, physical attributes, and temperament that are representative of the British Shorthair breed.

 Our kittens are raised in a loving, nurturing environment and receive ample socialisation. They are well-adjusted, friendly, and comfortable with human interaction.

We offer guidance and support during the transition period when you bring your kitten home. We provide advice on diet, grooming, litter training, and general care to ensure a smooth adjustment for both you and your kitten.

What's Covered in the Price

Our Catzillas come fully prepared to join their new families with the following inclusions:

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: To prove the quality of our pedigree kittens, we believe in actions speaking louder than words. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee for Catzillas. If any of our Catzillas were to inherit genetic diseases and pass away, we will provide a replacement Catzilla.

Lifetime Care Support: We are committed to providing lifetime care support, so you can reach out to us 24/07 when you need assistance for your kitten(s). We will reply as promptly as possible, usually will be within an hour.

50% discount on the Catzilla Hotel VIP membership fee + 2 Free nights stay: Enjoying perpetual 50% price reduction on our Catzilla Hotel Express VIP annual membership for cat boarding + 2 Free nights stay when you are traveling overseas.

Pedigree Certificate: All of our kittens come from pedigree backgrounds with championship bloodlines, ensuring the authenticity and quality of their lineage and breed.

Microchipping: Each kitten is microchipped for identification and peace of mind.

Health Check by Vet: Our kittens undergo thorough veterinary examinations to ensure their health and well-being.

Free FIV/FELV Blood Test: Tested results of FIV/FELV blood test will be given. It is also a mandatory cert for cat boarding. 

Litter Box Training: They are proficient in using a litter box, making it easier for you to maintain cleanliness.

Vaccinations: Kittens receive two vaccinations(FVRCP) against Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Feline Calicivirus.

Deworming: Regular internal and external deworming protocols are followed to keep them healthy and parasite-free.

Comprehensive Health Contract: We provide a detailed health contract to ensure transparency and address any concerns.

Starter Kit: To facilitate a smooth transition, we offer a starter kit with essential items for your kitten’s comfort.

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