The Pedigree Black Golden Shaded kitten is a delightful bundle of affection. Its golden fur, accented with black tips, lends it a charming and elegant appearance. This little one is not just a beauty; it’s also known for being incredibly friendly, making it an ideal companion for both kids and other pets. With a gentle and sociable nature, this kitten effortlessly weaves itself into the heart of any family or furry friend circle.


  • Name: Miya 
  • Breed: Black Golden Shaded British Shorthair
  • Coating: Golden Coating with Black tip 
  • Colour Code: NY11
  • DOB: 01/08/2023
  • Estimated Arrival Date🇸🇬: 07/12/2023 ✈️
  • Gender: Female
  • Price: $ 8200